Job Hunting? Create A Truly Unique Resume With QR Codes

With todays economy, simply standing out can be one of the hardest things for job-seekers to accomplish. Even with all the right training, education and credentials, you must have a few extra tricks up your sleeve in order to separate yourself from the heard. How can you make your business cards and resume stand out from the rest of the stack? Think innovative, think creative, think futuristic... think QR CODES! Especially if you are applying for positions in certain industries such as technology, marketing and real estate.

 QR Codes, or Quick Response Codes, contain data that can be processed with a QR Code reader. These readers are readily available as apps that can be quickly downloaded onto your Smartphone, if your Smartphone doesn't have one factory installed that is.

 One way you could incorporate a QR Code into your professional resume would be to link it directly to an “About Me” blog. If you are creating interesting and relevant content about yourself, you should definitely make it a priority to get potential employees quickly and easily linked into this information. One way to quickly grab the attention of your hiring manager would be to display your personal QR Code at the top of your resume. They may not take the time to scan the code right then and there, but you can bet that if you sell yourself well enough during the interview process, it will be the next move they make after your exit! Be sure, however, to also include your QR Codes URL as well. This ensures that if your potential employer happens not to own a Smartphone, they can still access your information.

 The next creative way to use these codes during the job hunting process would be to display them on your personal and professional business cards. After all, these little cards are your own personal billboards and are so often not utilized to their fullest potential. Including a QR Code allows you to provide a ton of information you may be looking to share, without compromising a clean and streamlined business card layout. It's a great idea to use a QR Code to link others to a “Contact Me” page, because after all, that's the reason you gave them the card in the first place! Handing a business card with a QR Code to a potential employer lets them know you that you are sharp and forward-thinking.

 Here is one more idea that is a little “outside the box”, but a great idea none-the-less!What about creating a QR Code that links to your own personal “Hire Me” page, and the advertising it in your local paper? To me, this is something someone who is not afraid to take risks would do, and something that many hiring managers would find very appealing.

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