Personal QR Codes

QR, or Quick Response Codes can be extremely useful and take just minutes to create. These codes are currently being used vigorously in many company marketing campaigns world wide, however, they also offer many benefits to you as an individual.

The popularity of QR Codes is booming, it's even been estimated that by 2013, you will be able to find one of these two dimensional codes on every building permit posted in New York City! So if these codes are becoming so successful in business ventures across the globe, it understandable that they may also become the next big thing in on line and personal branding. Yes, you heard right, this new mobile scanning technology is going to make it possible for each of us to promote ourself with the snap of a photo! Let's take a look at an example of this kind of personal branding. Consider that you are attending a business networking event and a fellow guests enquirers about your professional portfolio, personal website or a combination of the two. As opposed to simply handing them over a run-of-the-mill business card, why not instead ask them to scan your personal QR Code? Within seconds, this individual can be directly linked to your personal or business websites, portfolios, photo albums, blogs and much more. You are saving potential networking contacts lots of time and energy they might otherwise have to spend in order to learn more about you and what it is you do. You can also include other pertinent information that you might normal find on a typical business card including your contact information, personal or business address. Even better, your new contact can add you to their digital address book right then and there! Talk about efficiency!

Personal QR Codes can also assist you in avoiding the issue of mistaken identity. Many times there are others out there who have the same names as ourselves. Having one of the personalized codes makes it easy for someone to locate you on line without the added hassle of sorting through other individuals who might share your name. So not only are do personal QR Codes set you apart, they enable you to stand out and display your advanced knowledge of technology.

If it hasn't entered you mind already, consider the advantages of incorporating these codes into your business resumes. Let's be honest, paper resumes are headed down the same path as CD's and paper backs and headed in a much more digital direction. It is especially important during current economically troubled times to set your resume above and apart from the rest. Adding a personal QR Code that links your potential employer directly to your specific google search results can be one of the most impressive and modernized ways to present a great resume. 

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