Mobile Marketing With QR Codes

If you thought doing an internet keyword search was easy in terms of finding specific information, how about having everything you need with the scan of a single barcode?

QR Codes are quickly becoming all the rage among business owners world wide, and with good reason! They are proving to be a great and convenient way for consumers to connect digitally with products and content they may be seeking. As the usage of smartphones continues to grow rapidly in todays society, so too does the potential success of QR Codes and the mobile marketing campaigns they stand behind. These days, companies are continuing to get creative with the ways in which they incorporate QR Codes into their latest mobile marketing strategies. One of the biggest reasons companies find these QR Codes so appealing is the fact that they can be advertised anywhere that printing is possible, and also in places where it is not!

How creative can one get with their QR Code mobile marketing? Some of the most recent places these codes have popped up include billboards, t-shirts, posters, banners and they've even been posted across the sides of large buildings.

It's important to keep in mind, however, that although we have already seen some pretty impressive marketing campaigns take form with the use of QR Codes, it's possible there's much more to come. The truth is, this wave of QR Code technology is still very much in its early stages and if all continues to go well, the possibilities of what we might encounter next in the world of QR Codes and mobile marketing are endless.

Here's just a little food for thought on what NOT to do when it comes to marketing with QR Codes!

When it comes to implementing QR Codes in any mobile marketing campaign, its important to remember that having the latest and greatest barcode displayed in your advertisement is not nearly enough to win people over. Many critics have argued that companies are getting carried away with advertising the QR Codes, but fail to follow through with providing relevant and useful information for their consumers once they've actually scanned. It's not enough to have these codes present in your marketing strategies! They need to serve a purpose and establish a real sense of meaning and importance with your potential consumer. The public consumers are not stupid, and if they notice a trend behind companies who advertise QR Codes, with no relevant information to back them up, it's very possible they will quickly lose faith in this new scanning technology. Also, be sure that if you are going to provide a QR Code that directs your customers to a specific URL, it's one that can be easily navigated on a mobile device. If not, your potential consumer could become quickly discouraged and lose interest in what initially may have appealed to them.  

Don't assume that just because smartphone technology is growing rapidly, every one of your potentional consumers is going to know what to do with your QR Code when crossing paths with your marketing campaign. It's important that although the public is becoming more and more familiar with this new scanning technology, you remember to provide simple instructions on how to scan your advertised QR Code. Also, take into account that even though you may be able to advertise these codes almost anywhere, you probably shouldn't. Marketing them on things such as billboards and televisions may seem like an impressive notion, but it will doubtfully prove to be a practical one. Consider that if your consumer comes across your code while they are driving by in a vehicle, its unlikey and unsafe to assume they will stop and snap a picture of it. Television would most likely prove ineffective as well considering commercials come and go so fast, and leave little time for one to get their smartphones available and ready. Think about where your QR Code might go and how accessible it will be for the individual who might wish to take advantage of it!