The Ultimate Business Card: Using QR Codes To Do Business

Do you consider yourself tech-savvy? Well even if you don't, incorporating a QR Code into your business card design is sure to set you apart in the world of business. Once created, these two dimensional codes can serve as a direct link to your personal website, blog, Facebook page, etc...

If you are an individual who likes to think out side the box and live on the cutting edge of technology, then this new personal barcode scanning technology is most certainly for you. Even though QR Codes take up very little space, they can store tons of information that can easily access everything from business presentations to contact information and email.

So it's fair to say that including a QR Code on your business card is a great idea, but its important to also consider what type of code is best for your specific business and which one will get you the best response.

One type of QR Code to consider would be a Vcard. A Vcard QR code allows others to scan and program you contact information into their own Smartphone quickly and easily. When using these types of codes, it's best to display them on the front of your business card where you would typically find an individuals contact information. Another style of QR Code that is also very popular is the URL Code which after being scanned will bring you to a specific internet destination, like a business homepage or an “About Me” blog. This type of QR code is usually placed on the back of business card although this is not always the case. One of the benefits of URL QR Codes is that they are traceable. Tracking QR Codes comes in handy when you want to inquire about your networking efforts or if you are a business owner, check to see which one of your employee's is the doing best at network marketing. This works by giving each of your employee's their own personal URL QR Code and each time someone scans the card to reference the information of it, it counts towards that particular employee's networking efforts.

If you are involved in a business that revolves around services, you could also have a QR Code created to bring in more customer company reviews. This can be achieved by creating a QR Code that links directly to your company Customer Feedback page. This gives customers the opportunity to comment and review the services they received from business, all with the scan of a barcode.

These are all just a few of the ways in which you can incorporate QR Codes into your business card designs. For more information regarding QR Codes and business cards, please consult the following links!

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